O.A.T. Over Active Thyroid Formula

Over Active Thyroid Formula is a combination of herbs that are used because of their properties to normalize the over activity of the thyroid. It is recommended to start slowly, taking 1 capsule daily and monitoring your results. Increase as needed. Remember you are your own best doctor, listen to your body.


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O.A.T. Over Active Thyroid

Formula #45

Herbs in this formula include:

Lemon Balm
Lemon balm, also called Melissa officinalis, is a herb that may help support your thyroid and also normalize the accelerated thyroid function that occurs in hyperthyroidism. The flavonoids and polyphenolics found in the Lemon balm have been identified as inhibiting the excessive thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).  The TSH is blocked for further stimulating the excessively active thyroid gland.

Motherwort, also called Leonurus cardiac, can help normalize a rapid heartbeat that can occur in both hyperthyroidism and other thyroid conditions, such as thyroiditis. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that this herb should not be taken with sedatives.

Hawthorn Berry
American doctors were using it to treat circulatory disorders and respiratory illnesses. It’s a thorny tree, which gives red berries in late summer, early fall. It contains compounds that support the heart and circulatory system. It’s found to be beneficial for heart muscle weakness, for pressure, tightness in the chest and for mild arrhythmia. In some scientific researches it’s found that hawthorn interact with key enzymes in the heart to increase pumping force of the heart muscle and it also works to dilate the blood vessels. Hawthorn also helps painful joints and stabilizes the collagen in the bone itself.

While there are certain foods that have a tendency to lower thyroid function, tofu and other soy products can mildly stimulate thyroid function. If a person has an overactive gland, they should avoid the soy products, whereas those with underactive glands should concentrate on eating them. Avoid certain foods which contain pressor amines which may stimulate the thyroid. Sauerkraut (histamine), cheese (tyramine, tryptamine, and phenyl ethylamine), bananas (dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin), and wine (histamine).

Also Recommended Thyroid Suppressing Foods: almonds, beans, cabbage, celery, grapefruit, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, peas

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