Herbal Essence

Herbal Essence is a special blend of nine herbs and four oils in a base of petroleum jelly. Herbal Essence is formulated to give the hair and scalp the vital nutrients necessary for healthy conditioning and growth. It is designed to pene-trate, protect and restore natural oils vitamins and minerals to the hair. Herbal Essence, because of all the natural herbs and oils, is also an excellent skin ointment. It is used for dry, itching, rough or scaly skin. It assists the body in the repair of minor abrasions and scratches on the skin.


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Herbal Essence

Formula #13

Herbs in this formula include:

Contents: Burdock Root, Black Elder, Chamomile, Castor Oil, Henna, Lanolin Oil, Lavender, Mineral Oil, Nettle, Oat Straw, Olive Oil, Rose-Mary, Sage, Vegetable Petroleum Jelly.

Directions: Place a small amount of Herbal Essence on the finger tips and massage onto area. Can be applied daily.

Uses: Herbal Essence is used to promote thick, rich hair growth, restore natural hair color and protect the hair.

CAUTION: Not recommended for active ACNE type sores.

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