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Pearson's Herbs Immune Booster Bundle

The immune system is your interface with everything in your environment. The air we breathe, water we drink and the food we eat is all filtered through the immune system, whose job it is to take out the toxins.   A healthy and strong immune system is your best defense against infections and other diseases. You can strengthen your immune system with regular exercise, diet high in fruits and vegetables, get adequate sleep, and take a sun bath when you can (20 to 30 minutes morning or evening rays).  

Pearson's Immune Boost Bundle consist of a 21 Day focus on healthy eating, exercising, and 4 herbal formula supplements: #3 Blood Clenz, #5 Vita Plus, #21 Essiac Formula, and #22 Special C.

The Immune Booster Bundle consist of:

  • 7 Day Eating Plan
  • 8 Natural Doctors Guide - (Practices of a healthy lifestyle)
  • #3 - Blood Clenz - has natural antibiotic properties
  • #5 - Vita Plus - has necessary fortifying minerals and vitamins
  • #12 - Essiac Formula taken with #22 Special C
  • #22 - Special C - These formulas contain strong alkaloids to bring balance and for improved health.

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