Colon Clenz

Colon Clenz is a herbal combination that gives the benefit of a gentle yet thorough colon cleansing action. Regular action is within 8-10 hrs. followed by a full evacuation.


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Colon Clenz

Formula #9

Herbs in this formula include:

SENNA (Cassia marilandica)
Properties: verifuge, laxative, diuretic
Description: Senna is a valuable effective laxative. Causes griping if used alone and is best when combined with and aromatic herb. Most effective for expelling worms.

ALOES (Aloe socotrina)
Properties: cartartic, stomatic, emollient, vulnerary
Description: Aloes is one of the most healing agencies we have among herbs. Stimulates peristaltic action in lower half of colon.

FENNEL (Foeniculum vulgare)
Properties: stomatic, carminative, diaphoretic, aromatic
Description: Fennel is one of the tried and true herbs for gas, acid stomach, cramps, colic, and spasms. It normalizes the appetite. It is one of the aromatic herbs.

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